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Seishinkan Dojo is an Iaido and Jodo Dojo. Dedicated to teaching these arts, Iaido is the art of drawing a Japanese sword. It was first developed as a means of gaining an advantage in combat against single or multiple opponents before they could draw their swords. At a beginners level there are 4 parts to the techniques utilized; these are. Nukitsuke (horizontal cut), Kiritsuke (vertical cut), Chiburi (shaking the blood from the sword) and Noto (sheathing the sword). The style practiced at Seishinkan is the Muso Shinden Ryu.

Jodo, the way of the stick, comprises of paired practice with one person using a Tachi (sword) and one person with a Jo (stick). The style practiced is the Shindo Muso Ryu style of Jodo. While the main weapon used is the Jo, for the more advanced students there are other weapons in the curriculum.

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